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About Us

Why Kinder Dream Pre School?

The early learning goals set out what the majority of children are expected to achieve by the end of foundation stage.

The principle for Kinder Dream Pre School is to provide children with a culturally sound environment, the right morals, Sharing and Caring for the family and society and most importantly Complete Development of Child in the most crucial phase of growing years.

We are here to Develop your Kids. Our program is designed to shape your Child's early childhood learning.

To prepare a genius squad for our next generation, Let your child be a part of Kinder Dream Preschool program to build a Jump Start for Bright future !

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based upon the idea of individual differences of every child. We believe that every child is an individual with different need and abilities. We here at Kinder Dream Pre School, help them to make the most of their abilities at every stage.

Our Methodology

Learning through action is one of the best theories of learning. This theory ensures the active participation of the child in learning process. As it helps to increase the interest level of the child in subject, the factor of fatigue decreases. So the knowledge can be retained permanently.

Our Mission and Commitment

Pre School is the foundation stage of the education system and our mission is to prepare student for further school education

This is achieved by:

We are committed to respectable parents to our students to nurture their child in proper way. We shall use our expertise to impart best knowledge and cultivate good habits among our students.

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353, Ashirvad Villa, New City Light,Bharthana,
SURAT - 395 007, Gujarat - India
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